What is STEP?

 STEP funds the tuition for pairs of graduate students in health and computer sciences, each pair comprised of one Israeli and one Palestinian. STEP Fellows study in the same program or laboratory and are required to work together and interact as a pair. STEP Fellows study in accredited academic institutions in Israel. Each STEP Fellow has an academic mentor who oversees his/her fulfillment of academic requirements, and facilitates cooperation with his/her STEP partner.


Who is STEP for?


STEP is for Israeli and Palestinian graduate students committed to obtaining, enhancing and building health and scientific expertise in their homeland and who pledge to remain as resources to one another after formal education is completed.


STEP administrative staff and university faculty will help to pair interested Israeli and Palestinian candidates.


What are the pre-requisites?


In order to be a STEP Fellow, applicants must show to STEP Administration an undergraduate or graduate degree with high academic achievement, in a field of science or health from an accredited and recognized academic institution.


STEP Fellows must be accepted into their chosen  university graduate program. 


What are the requirements of the program?


STEP Fellows are obligated to fulfill all requirements of the academic program in which they are enrolled. This includes participation in classes, individual instruction, laboratory and/or clinical work, exams and papers.


STEP Fellows are required to submit reports and/or give presentations to STEP Administration and STEP mentors one month prior to the end of each semester. These reports will summarize their academic work to-date, and comment on their work, progress and challenges with their STEP partner.


In the final phase of their Fellowship with STEP, the STEP Fellows along with their Israeli, Palestinian and/or American mentors will be required to contribute to capacity building in a community or institution in Palestine or in Israel. Capacity building might include research, teaching, training, data and technology transfer, or the establishment of new businesses or services (for example, genetic counseling services.)


STEP Fellows are required to return to and work in their home countries for a minimum of two years.


For Applicants: STEP will provide names of people who speak Hebrew, Arabic and English to help you with your application.


Do graduates of STEP get a degree?


Upon successful completion of his/her program, each STEP graduate will get a graduate degree from the accredited academic institution. He/she will also get an additional STEP Graduate Certificate.


What should I do if I am interested in participating in this program?


Send a letter of inquiry to Kim Kronenberg at [email protected]:




Contact Kim Kronenberg in the United States at: 617-834-2399